Afterglow Collection

Wine Glass Delights presents the Afterglow Collection

The Afterglow Wine Glass Collection features a frosted lower section and an etched swirl pattern. The matte (frosted) finish at the bottom of each piece is created when the wine glass is dipped into an acid bath causing the glass to be "frosted" yet smooth. Each individual piece then goes on to etching stations. Here the etched swirl pattern is engraved into each Wine Goblet.

The Afterglow Glassware Collection is imported from Romania. Each piece is mouth-blown and hand engraved. Quality Wine Glasses like these, as with all hand crafted Fine Crystal wine glasses may have slight imperfections which celebrate the unique, one of a kind, feature of the Afterglow collection. None of these wine glasses are exactly alike, however, they go through a rigorous quality control process insuring that only the highest quality product is imported to the USA.

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