Milano Collection

Wine Glass Delights presents the Milano Collection

This collection features a cobalt blue line swirl pattern of glass. The stained glass appearance is all hand-painted with red, blue, and 24k gold accents.

The Milano glassware collection is reminiscent of artisan decorated (art deco) stained glass windows. Once the shape of the wine glass has been achieved, it is then swirled with molten Cobalt Blue glass, polished and sent to the painting station. Here the colorful design is painted by hand using subtle colors and 24 K Gold inside the cobalt blue swirl pattern. It is then fired one more time to ensure long-lasting strength, durability, and color.

This exquisite Milano glassware collection is imported from Romania where the old world craftsmen specialize in creating the highest of quality. Each piece is mouth-blown, and delicately hand painted. Quality crystal wine glass sets like these are sought after throughout the world. As with all hand crafted fine crystal glassware, there may be slight imperfections which confirm the unique, one of a kind, feature of these Milano wine glasses. None of these are exactly alike. However they go through a rigorous quality control process insuring that only the highest of quality product is imported to the USA.
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