Bacchus Collection

Wine Glass Delights presents the Bacchus Collection

The Bacchus collection, named after the Roman God of Wine, is a very beautiful collection with a vineyard theme featuring hand-painted vines and grapes in vibrant colors.

This collection is an exquisite example of fine craftsmanship, which is engraved and painted by hand. Each detail is engraved and painted separately in a painstaking process requiring a different person for each detail. This exquisite glassware is imported from Romania, where the old world craftsmen of Romania specialize in creating the highest of quality. Each piece is mouth-blown, and delicately hand decorated.

Quality Wine Glasses like these, as with all hand crafted Fine Crystal wine glasses, may have slight imperfections which celebrate the unique, one of a kind, feature of the Bacchus collection. None of these wine goblets are exactly alike. However they go through a rigorous quality control process insuring that only the highest quality product is imported to the USA.
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